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Product Information

Design Criteria

Lineaus® products have their design origins in traditional forms. Human needs for athletic equipment call for a variety of shapes, sizes, and weights. Each custom-made and numbered product is designed to be durable while being soft to the touch. Your ideas for product design and refinement are welcome.


Lineaus products carry a one year warranty against defects in materials and construction. Please contact us so that your staisfaction will be guaranteed.


All weights are approximate. Every Lineaus product is custom made and will vary slightly in weight.

Weights & Products
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Call for price quotations on custom products and for weights and diameters not listed.


All Lineaus products are made of the finest chrome tanned leather, most widely known for its use in baseball gloves. Unlike vegetable tanned leather, chrome tanning of leather is designed to leave the pores of the leather open and, when regularly oiled, is the longest lasting of all leather tanning processes.

How to ChooseYour
Medicine Ball

Every person's needs and abilities are unique, regardless of gender, but in general:
• Most men seem to prefer a 14", 10 lb. medicine ball
• Most women seem to prefer a 12", 7 lb. medicine ball
• Children seem to prefer a 10" or 12" medicine ball with the lowest weight possible.
• 10" and 16" medicine balls are generally for sports-specific training; the 10" ball is used mostly for basketball training, and the 16" ball for football training.

Product Care

Oiling regularly with leather conditioner will prolong the life of your investment by decades. Lineaus medicine balls made 25 years ago are still in use today as a result of the care taken in regularly oiling the leather. Oiling also makes the leather supple and increases the tactile pleasure experienced in using Lineaus products. R.M. Williams Saddle Dressing is recommended but mink oil available in most grocery stores is acceptable.


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